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We’re thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to experience breathwork with one of the leading facilitators in North America, Robin Clements. It’s his first visit in the Kootenays and the Sentinel is proud to host these two breathwork journeys offered by Nectara, an ecosystem of support for translating peak experiences into long lasting positive change.

Tickets are on a sliding scale ($30-50) for a ceremony that will last about 3 hours. It will include optional sharing in circle, a guided breathwork journey, and integration time after.

Buy your tickets - Spots are limited to 25!

Saturday March 4th @1pm -4pm

Sunday March 5th @1pm - 4pm

About this event

Most of us only breathe up to 30% of our capacity. We often have a shallow breath when we're stressed. If we're controlling or cutting off the flow of our exhale, we may be feeling this need for control in other areas of our lives. When our breath is unrestricted, we're training our mind-body to stay open and receptive. Like psychedelics, the breath is a medicine that can change our perceptions and shift the trajectory of our life.

Conscious connected breathwork is a specific breathing technique that can greatly support your psychedelic preparation or integration. It's a practice that helps you stay present with your body and open to what may emerge before, during, and after your medicine journey.

Join us for a special in-person breath journey with Robin Clements. With 25 years of experience, he is one of the leading practitioners in North America. His approach weaves the latest science with ceremonial and Indigenous teachings and practices. He is the founder of Breathwave and a teacher to hundreds of breathwork practitioners around the world.‍


Quite literally a journey connecting me back to Self and the community that was present. It helped me get in touch with the unbridled joy and gratitude that's always present. - Vanathy

Breathing with Robin reconnected me to spirit in a way which I had only before experienced through psychedelics. Robin's guidance was so supportive and wise, I felt confident I was in good hands from the start. The workshop quickly illuminated some misconceptions I had about breath-work and helped me foster a new relationship to breath, one that I will continue to deepen through intentional breathing for the rest of my life. - Louis

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